Monday 20 May, 2019

51-y-o female 'career robber held practising her craft in d'town Kgn'

The police say they have made another breakthrough in clamping down on the suspected main players behind several of the latest robberies in downtown Kingston.

However, the latest arrest has been quite a shocker, and does not involve any of the young men who are known to be problematic in the area.

Instead, behind bars is a 51-year-old female resident of West Kingston.

The police say they have found that the woman has all of 21 convictions, mostly for larceny or other forms of robbery.

“The woman has been on the records for some time. Her convictions date back as far as 1983,” a police source told Loop News.

The source confirmed the string of simple larceny and other robberies that are on the rap sheet.

Police sources said the woman was recently held while trying to steal items from a wholesale store in the commercial hub of the capital city.

“Based on our investigation, this woman has also travelled to several other parishes to carry out robberies,” the police sources told Loop News.

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