Friday 14 August, 2020

5 Years of Loop: Our most impactful stories

The late super centenarian and former oldest person in the world, Violet Moss Brown with her son Harold Fairweather during an interview with Loop News in May 2016.

The late super centenarian and former oldest person in the world, Violet Moss Brown with her son Harold Fairweather during an interview with Loop News in May 2016.

Loop News is celebrating five years on Thursday and, to mark the milestone, we recall some of our most impactful stories over the last half decade - articles that not only generated lots of traffic, but also triggered conversations nationally.

See below, a list of our five most impactful stories since we launched in April 2014.

1.No Casa! Trelawny Man loses house betting on Spain in World Cup

Our first viral story, this was the article that arguably put Loop Jamaica on the map. It was a funny/sad tale of a man, confident of a Spain victory against The Netherlands in their opening match of the 2014 World Cup, putting his house as collateral in a bet that the then defending champions would beat the Dutch. Lo and behold, the Dutch won the match in a shocking upset and the man faced not having a roof over his head. Fortunately, the winner of the bet had mercy on the loser, and decided not to take the house. It was among the biggest talking points of the World Cup locally.

2.You know you’re UPT when… 30 things to know about uptown Jamaicans

Lighthearted listicle poked fun at Jamaica’s upper class while highlighting the serious divisions in society. It was a major topic of discussion on radio talk shows and the cocktail circuit in St Andrew.

3. Mariah Carey flops at Jazz & Blues!

It was seen as a bold move by a very young Loop Jamaica  at the time (less than nine-months old) to contradict a major newspaper publication – which claimed Mariah performed well – while writing a bad review of a performance by one of the most successful artistes ever at one of the island’s biggest concerts. But to us, we were just keeping them honest. The story was lauded by readers and went a far way in establishing Loop as a credible news organisation.

4.Violet Brown wants two more years, says 'the best time is now'

In May 2016, Loop News visited the home of Jamaican super centenarian Violet Moss Brown in Duanvale, Trelawny after she became the second oldest person in the world. In a long-ranging exclusive interview with Loop News, the 117-year-old, among other things, reflected on life growing up in post-Emancipation Jamaica, gave her perspective on modern times compared to yesteryear, and shared the ‘secret’ to long life. The story was a hit locally and in the Diaspora community when it was initially published, and was reengaged on a larger scale by the international community less than a year later, when Moss-Brown became the oldest person in the world.


5.Loop Election Poll

Loop News’ election coverage gained critical acclaim and our poll done in partnership with Dr Lloyd Waller, which came out in favour of the underdog Jamaica Labour Party, received widespread praise after the election. Indeed, former Finance Minister Audley Shaw, in a post on social media, congratulated Loop and Dr Waller along with pollster Derek Ramsamooj for publishing polls which called the election correctly in comparison to more established polls which had the PNP winning. This was another big win for our credibility.                                 



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