Saturday 28 November, 2020

5 myths about sex that just won't go away

Sex continues to be a hot topic with persons of all ages, but despite the many conversations some there continues to be misinformation.

Take a look at these five myths about sex that it seems just won't be put to bed.


1. If you're stung once you can't get stung again 

Sexually transmissible infections (STI) and/or sexually transmitted diseases (STD) are not one-time offers. You can get them over and over again if you put yourself at risk.


2. Oral sex is all safe

All types of sex have risks! It doesn't matter if you are engaging in oral, anal or vaginal sex, you can contract sexually transmissible infections (STI) and/or sexually transmitted diseases (STD). Many persons use condoms or oral barriers (dams) to protect themselves during oral sex.


3. Condoms make sex boring

The first step in not making this a reality is getting the right size of condom. Next...make it fun. Condoms can be used as toys to make the experience more memorable for you and your partner. Choose from the many varieties of condoms on the market, get creative and let safe sex be fun sex!


4. Pregnant women can't conceive

Chances are that you have not heard about superfetation, but it's a real thing. As rare as it may be, superfetation occurs when a woman who is already pregnant becomes pregnant with another child. So don't use pregnancy as a safeguard against conceiving.


5. Speaking about pregnancy, let's talk periods

Periods are not the super shield against pregnancy that you thought they were.

The female egg is ready to be fertilised by sperm during ovulation. Your period, however, is the result of that egg not being fertilised - two processes which sometimes overlap. What's more, sperm can hang around in the female's reproductive tract for days after sex, meaning you can become pregnant when you're period is over.  It's therefore best not to ditch your birth control when that time comes around.

Now that you have the #NakedTruth on sex, take care to be safe by protecting yourself and your partner. 



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