Wednesday 12 August, 2020

5 charged with kidnapping and murder of St Catherine businessman

The police say they have made a breakthrough in the kidnapping, extortion and murder of businessman Howard Ares in St Catherine.

Ares was killed along the Terminal Lane section of Old Harbour in December 2018 and his body buried in a shallow grave.

The police say they have since arrested and charged five persons in connection with the case.

They are:

1. Marvin Wright, 25, otherwise called ‘Skull’ and ‘Indian’, a labourer of a March Pen Road, Spanish Town address in St Catherine.

2. Javene Simpson, otherwise called ‘Jermaine’, a 25-year-old labourer of an Old Harbour Bay address

3. Rochelle Wright, a 26-year-old exotic dancer, also of an Old Harbour Bay address

4. Andrew Clement, 26, otherwise called ‘Bush’, a welder of a Walker’s Road, Old Harbour

5. Andrae Bailey, 28, otherwise called ‘Paw’, a jackhammer operator of an Old Harbour Bay address

The accused persons have been charged with the following 10 major crimes:

 1. Murder

2. Conspiracy to murder

3. Robbery with aggravation

4. Extortion

5. Kidnapping

6. Assault with intent to rob

7. Conspiracy to prevent the burial of a corpse

8. Burglary and robbery with aggravation

9. Illegal possession of firearm

10. Illegal possession of ammunition

 It is alleged that on Sunday, December 16, 2018, Ares drove a motor vehicle, accompanied by another male, to Old Harbour Bay, where they met with a group of men in furtherance of a particular transaction.

A dispute reportedly developed regarding the transaction during the meeting, and certain demands were made of the now deceased Ares.

When the demands were not met, a gun was brought into play by one of the men, and Ares was shot.

Ares was then placed in the back of the motor vehicle he had driven to the location, and the men forced the other male who accompanied Ares to the meeting to drive the vehicle with them to a location on Terminal Lane.

The men then removed Ares from the van, after which the gun was again produced, and he was shot again.

Items were reportedly taken from Ares and his body was wrapped in a tarpaulin by the men, and a knife was also used to inflict stab wounds to the body.

A hole was then dug and the body was placed in it and buried.

Certain demands were then made of the man who accompanied Ares to the meeting. This was followed by threats and an ultimatum regarding cash.

The gunmen were then joined by another person and instructions were allegedly given to forcibly take the man who had accompanied Ares to the meeting, to engage in certain criminal activities in a bid to fulfill the earlier demands for the cash.

After an extended escapade, the attackers’ series of criminal activities reportedly came to an end when the made good their escape from a crime scene along Washington Boulevard in St Andrew in a waiting motorcar. 

Detectives from the Criminal Investigation Branch (CIB) who are assigned to the Old Harbour Police Station were alerted and commenced an investigation into the crimes that were committed by the group of persons across two parishes.

During the investigation, a number of scenes where particular aspects of criminality were committed, were visited and processed for scientific evidence.

The investigation progressed and evidence which was obtained resulted in the persons who are now charged emerging as primary suspects.

The police said Wright was apprehended in Old Harbour Bay and thereafter interviewed in the presence of a lawyer, and charged in January 2019.

Clement handed over himself to the Old Harbour police. He was interviewed in the presence of his lawyer and subsequently pointed out on an identification parade.

Bailey was held during an operation in Old Harbour Bay. He was interviewed in the presence of his lawyer and afterward pointed out on an identification parade and charged on January 5, 2019

 Simpson and Wright were arrested in another operation.

“The tenacious efforts of the investigators who were relentless in the development and pursuit of investigative leads as they emerged, are examples of a very positive approach to criminal investigations,” said the head of the Criminal Investigations Branch, senior superintendent McArthur Sutherland.




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