Wednesday 13 November, 2019

35 persons perish in road crashes in June

Thirty-five people have perished in motor vehicle crashes over the past month, pushing the total number of road fatalities to 236 as of Thursday, July 11, according to data from the Road Safety Unit (RSU) in the Ministry of Transport and Mining.

This represents a 24 per cent increase in fatalities this year, when compared to the same period in 2018. Fatal crashes are also up 30 per cent this year, relative to last year.

With the continued increase in fatalities as a result of motor vehicle crashes, the RSU is projecting that road deaths will increase by three per cent in 2019, when compared to 2018.

At June 13, the RSU was reporting that there were 201 road fatalities up to that point. However, efforts to contain the numbers appear not to be as effective as the RSU would want.

The unit is now reporting that vulnerable road users make up 67 per cent of all road deaths since January 1. Vulnerable road users are pedestrians, motor cyclists and their pillions; and pedal cyclists.

Of the 236 persons to have died on the roads to date, 58 were pedestrians, 13 were pedal cyclists, 76 were motorcyclists, and 10 were pillion riders, rounding out the vulnerable road users’ group.

Also among the fatalities were six passengers of public passenger (PPV) vehicles, 29 persons who were passengers in private motor vehicles, five who were commercial motor vehicle passengers, two who were PPV drivers, 35 who were drivers of private motor vehicles, and two who were commercial motor vehicle drivers.

To date, pedestrians account for 25 per cent of all fatalities, drivers of private motor vehicles account for 15 per cent, passengers of private motor vehicles make up 12 per cent, motorcyclists account for the lion’s share at 32 per cent, while passengers account for 21 per cent of all road users killed this year.

Also of note is that 16 per cent of the road users to have died in 2019 belong in the 60 and over age group.

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