Monday 16 September, 2019

300 jobs to come from new Jamaica Grain and Cereals factory

Some 300 persons are expected to be employed at the Jamaica Grain and Cereals factory, which officially opened on Thursday morning.

The $3-billion investment will employ state-of-the-art technology for production.

According to Seprod's Chief Executive Officer, Richard Pandohie, the facility will enable the company to boost its production for the local and export markets.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness said the venture, “puts the country on a good footing for continued growth.”

“It is an important signal when one of the largest food manufacturers in the Caribbean undertakes such an expansive investment,” Holness said at a ceremony to officially open the facility at Seprod, located on Felix Fox Boulevard in Kingston.

He added: “What Seprod is doing is taking a calculated risk to ensure its success and is confirming its significant role within the virtuous cycle of business success and national economic growth."

Jamaica Grain and Cereals factory opening

Pandohie, in an interview with Loop News' reporter Job Nelson, said that the company will be targeting the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) for the main source of its produce. He said that a lot of corn-based materials that are used within CARICOM, are imports and Jamaica Grains and Cereals will be looking to substitute these.

Using examples of the children snacks, Pandohie said that these are all made with materials imported from the US at this time.

He also said that a number of hotels are using pre-mixed products again from the US and this is what Jamaica Grains and Cereals will be tapping into.

The multigrain milling facility, which involves a partnership with Seaboard Corporation, will produce the company’s new Gold Seal Flour brand and corn products.

The Seprod Group manufactures and distributes edible oils and fats, dairy and fruit beverages, corn products, flour, sugar, baked snacks and other household consumer products.


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