Thursday 4 June, 2020

Expo Jamaica to take high-tech focus with Digicel

Justin Morin, CEO of Digicel Jamaica, speaks at the launch of Expo 2018 at the Digicel Group headquarters in downtown Kingston on Thursday. (PHOTOS: Llewellyn Wynter)

Justin Morin, CEO of Digicel Jamaica, speaks at the launch of Expo 2018 at the Digicel Group headquarters in downtown Kingston on Thursday. (PHOTOS: Llewellyn Wynter)

Expo Jamaica will celebrate its 46th staging this year with a strong focus on ‘smart’ technology that brings businesses and consumers together in the digital space.

In partnership with new title sponsor Digicel, and its business technology arm, Digicel Business, the biennial event will showcase the most advanced digital technology from a family of products and services that is changing the way goods and services are made and sold locally or for export.

“We’re at the heart of connecting consumers with an amazing communications and entertainment experience. We’re also at heart of connecting business with the consumers they want to reach. Using the power of our network, we will show everyone at Expo 2018 how listening to consumers and business customers is enabling us to come up with the right digital technology that transforms the way they buy and sell Jamaican,” Justin Morin, CEO of Digicel Jamaica, said at the launch of Expo 2018, held at the Digicel Group headquarters in downtown Kingston on Thursday.  

In keeping with this year’s theme, “Advancing Breakthroughs”, the show will coordinate with Digicel to offer everyone free access to download and use the new Expo 2018 app via complimentary, superfast Wi-Fi in all areas.

Patrons and buyers will get to see how advanced internet technology is powering the progress of small manufacturers of nutraceuticals, essential oils, beauty and cosmetic supplies, aromatherapy and spa products. These innovators will be part of the JEMS (Jamaica Emerging Manufacturers and Services) village – a dedicated location on the showroom floor that will highlight these emerging micro and small businesses that make products from Jamaica’s purest and finest natural assets.

As Jamaica’s complete communications and entertainment provider with the fastest-growing LTE and fibre networks, Digicel will offer its affordable and innovative mobile services, enterprise solutions and Cloud computing that support home-based businesses, start-ups, medium and large enterprises.

The partnership is already underway with the Expo Jamaica media launch. A mini expo is scheduled for March 16, 2018 at Digicel and will feature a few of the micro and small businesses that will be part of the JEMS Village at Expo 2018.

“The JMA is ecstatic to be partnering with Digicel to bring a new and innovative approach to an already amazing event. This partnership will bring forth a First World approach to doing business and ensure profitability. We look forward with Digicel to what’s new and exciting at Expo 20018,” said Metry Seaga, president of the Jamaica Manufacturers Association.

With Innovation and Technology, the speed to achieve change has accelerated and it’s all too easy to be left behind.  Taking this into consideration we must remain nimble and on our toes, ready to embrace change in a brand new way!” Michelle Chong, President of the JEA, said.

The Caribbean’s premier exhibition, Expo 2018 is scheduled to take place from April 19-22 at the National Arena and National Indoor Sports Centre. In keeping with its tech-focused theme, an online registration platform has been developed, allowing buyers and exhibitors to interact in the virtual space.

The 46th annual Expo Jamaica is undoubtedly poised to be the largest and most lucrative staging to date. With only 57 booth spaces left from a total 353, potential exhibitors are encouraged to book their spaces now with the JMA secretariat. For the latest news, download our app at for Android; and at for IoS.

JMA Expo 2018 Launch

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