Monday 21 September, 2020

19 persons charged for reportedly partying during curfew in Clarendon

Eleven men and eight women were arrested and charged with breaching the Disaster Risk Management and Noise Abatement acts in Clarendon on Sunday, May 3 amid the ongoing impact of the coronavirus pandemic locally.

Reports are that between the hours of 3.40 pm and 6pm in Rhymesbury, York Town, a team of police personnel conducted an operation where a party was seen taking place.

The patrons, who numbered approximately 50, were warned to disperse, and 19 were subsequently arrested.

A monitor box, an amplifier, a number of alcoholic beverages and bingo cards were also seized during the operation.

The persons were later charged for breaching the Disaster Risk Management Act and the Noise Abatement Act.

They have been identified as:

1. Sashane Reid, 29, of Chatteau Road, May Pen in Clarendon.

2. Hopalee Lindsay-Knight, 52, a teacher of Rhymesbury.

3. Danique Wilkinson, 21, of Rhymesbury.

4. A female teen of Rhymesbury.

5. Lexy-Ann Anderson, 27, a bartender of Toll Gate, Clarendon.

6 Kayon Clarke, 18, a loans officer of Denbigh Crescent, May Pen in Clarendon.

7 Tashee Piper, 21, of Howell’s Content, York Town.

8 Kimmally Powell, 25, of Canaan Heights, May Pen in Clarendon.

9 Delroy Knight, 57, a farmer of Rhymesbury

10 Gary Roache, 26, an entertainer of Rock River, Clarendon.

11 Winston Henry, 30, a sound system operator of Canaan Heights.  

12 Davian King, 28, an auto body technician of Swansea district, Osbourne Store in Clarendon.

13 Javed Brown, 23, of Longbridge Avenue, May Pen.

14 Kemary Watt, 27, of Longbridge Avenue, May Pen.

15 Nireko Briscoe, 19, a farmer of Milk River, Clarendon.

16 Clever Dyer, 29, a taxi operator of Toll Gate.

17 Eurnice McLean, 30, a disc jockey of LongbridgeAvenue, May Pen.

18 Leon McNille, 33, a journalist of South Street, Lionel Town in Clarendon.

19 Roshell Jones, 20, of Rhymesbury.

The date for their appearance in court is being finalised by the police.

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