Tuesday 29 September, 2020

19 Jamaican slangs no one uses anymore

The Jamaican patois is a very diverse language all on its own. There are terms that can never get old as well as slangs that have had their time or season.

Here is a compilation of words and slangs that have pretty much faded out of everyday Jamaican language while some are slowly but surely on their way out.


Bashment – hot and trendy, what’s in style, a party.

Mantel - a classless man, the male version of sketel

Booyaka!!! - An expression used when giving a forward

Kinaki - another term for sketel

Bups - To con a man out of money

Bupsie - a woman who cons a man out of his money

Missa Brinks - a term used to define a man who is conned of his money

Maama man - an effeminate male, or a man who is “watchy watchy”.

Scuminar - someone who is a leech.

Crebbe Crebbe - Dirty, not good enough, lanky

Duggu duggu - To have sex

Jukkie Jam - to have sex

Tooku Tooku - shorty and stocky

Boonoonoonus - a term of endearment.

Eggs Up - too "nuff", being inquisitive.

Fall – e – tee - an expression used in awe

Koo kum kum - a very slim girl

Prekeh - a tragedy or calamity

Up to the Time - a phrase made popular by dancehall star Vybz Kartel in the early 2000s.


Life Line …

Don dadda - A leading male figure; leader of a crew.

Almshouse - foolishness or stupidity.

Blouse and skirt - an exclamation said in awe.

Sheg Up - to mess up

Rucks - an athletic term for someone not up to par

Goodaz - A girl with a nice body, a girl who doesn’t sleep around

Brown Dog - An expression of being in awe

Hattaclaps - Judgement


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