Friday 5 June, 2020

Smoke grenade, 145 rounds of ammunition found during St Catherine raid

Members of the island’s security forces seized a total of 145 assorted rounds of ammunition during a massive raid that was carried out in a section of the St Catherine South Police Division on Sunday.

The items were found in two huts which were hidden in a remote section of the parish called ‘Swamp’, police sources told Loop News.

Several other illegal items, including army fatigue and a smoke grenade, along with vegetable matter that appeared to be compressed ganja, and several packages with white powdery substance looking like cocaine, were also confiscated, police sources told Loop News.

No one was arrested in the raid.

Police broke down the ammunition find as: twenty-seven (27) - 5.56 mm cartridges, eight (8) 7.76 mm cartridges, seventy-nine (79) .38 cartridges, six (6).45 cartridges, two (2) 9mm cartridges, twenty-two (22) 12-gauge cartridges, one (1) .40 cartridge; while six (6) rifle magazine were also confiscated.

Reports are that between the hours of 4:30 a.m. and 9:30 a.m., a joint police/military team consisting of police from several formations, including C-TOC, and JDF members, supported by air and two Coast Guard vessels, carried out special operations in the area known as ‘Swamps’ behind Dagger Bay in St Catherine.

During the operation, the team found two huts in the swamp which were equipped with electricity and other power devices like solar panels.

The assortment of ammunition was seized from the huts.

Other gadgets that were found included seven (7) cellular phones, one (1) LG tablet, one (1) DEL laptop and one (1) 32-inch Black Point television.

Two pounds of packaged and pressed vegetable matter resembling ganja, and two small packages of white powdery substance resembling cocaine, along with a bulletproof vest, an army shirt, life vest, a smoke grenade, and a small quantity of cash, were also found.

The police said all the evidential materials were seized for ballistic and forensic examination, where applicable.

 A large quantity of clothing, mattresses, shoes, a stove, cylinders and other personal effects, including medication dispensed in the names of several individuals who are to be questioned, were also found.

The huts were destroyed and the items that could not be confiscated were burnt.

It should also be noted that water and electricity supply that was found at the huts were traced back to premises on Dagger Bay.

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