Friday 28 February, 2020

14-year-old dead in Mocho murder/suicide

A 14-year-old child was burnt to death and other members of his family chopped and wounded, reportedly by a 41-year-old man, in Mocho, Clarendon on Wednesday.

The man who reportedly carried out the attack was later found hanging in a section of the community.

The deceased child has been identified as Leroy Hamilton, while the man who is suspected to have committed suicide after carrying out the deadly attack is Craig Lawrence.

Reports are that at about 2:45 a.m., Lawrence went to the house where the child and other relatives were, and was denied entry to the dwelling.

Further reports are that he responded by forcing his way into the house and attacked and chopped occupants therein, including a 53-year-old woman and her daughter.

The man then set the house on fire and left it to burn.

The 53-year-old woman and the other female managed to escape the flames, but the child was not so lucky. His charred remains were later found.

A search was carried out for the man and his body was found hanging in a section of the community.

It is so far unclear what, if any, relationship existed between the attacker and those who were attacked.

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