Thursday 2 July, 2020

14 things you'd know only if you went to STATHS



Founded in 1961, St Andrew Technical High School (STATHS) is an institution with a proud history of academic and athletic excellence.

Indeed it has produced many accomplished Jamaicans who credit the technical school for providing a solid foundation for their success.

But it’s not all about books and sports at STATHS as past students point to a fun environment that made learning relatively easy for students.

STATHS alumni shared fond memories of their time at the institution with Loop News’ School Daze.

Here is a compilation of 16 things that you can relate to if you went to STATHS

1. Honor, Diligence, Service - The school’s motto

2. Students usually congregate by the big tree “Ova Trades”. It is a favorite hangout spot for students and has also been called U.T.T. C.  (Under The Tree College)

3. Sugar bun and patty is a favorite meal among students.

4. Mr Isaac Henry was a beloved principal of the school. In fact he was one of the longest serving principal and his tenure ran from 1969 to 1990. He was known for taking time out to know each student and would often call them by name. Chants of “Zack a come … Zack a come” would leave corridors empty as students quickly disappeared during his rounds.  If he looked in any classroom he would be greeted with the façade of students “reading” books and doing other diligent school activities.

5. Peter Townsend, president of NDM, is a past student of STATHS

6. Another name for STATHS is “Bumper Hill” because the gully running adjacent to the school was called “Bumper Hill Gully”.

7. Miss Lonely was a popular food vendor. Not only was her food delicious; you were bound to get “nuff” food. It is said that one of Miss Lonely’s box meals could adequately share for three students.

8. The late Mr Oswald ‘Ozzy’ Williams, who taught Plumbing, was known for being brutally blunt but was loved by all. He always had positive words of encouragement for students and was known to give very good counsel to students who often sought him out with issues they had.

9. Building Technology teacher Mr Morgan was also a favourite and had a very good rapport with students.

10. Dr C.V.  Christie was the second longest serving principal from 1998 to 2013 and was known for having a warm personality and showing interest in all school activities.

11. Jai Kingston, a popular gospel artiste, known for his hit “Jesus In The Middle” , is a past student of STATHS.

12. Mr Lawrence, the Physics teacher is famous among students for his unsurpassed dedication.

13. Miss Milly and Miss Marlene are well known staff members from the school canteen/tuck-shop. Marlene was known for being ‘miserable’ and any student who displeased her was bound to get a tongue lashing.

14. The prefect body of the school once had their own uniform. Girls wore white blouse, the school tie and white socks. Boys would wear their khaki uniform with the school tie. However, in 1980 the entire school adopted this uniform.

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