13 things you'd know only if you went to William Knibb Memorial High School

THE William Knibb Memorial High School in Martha Brae, Trelawny is these days arguably most known for being global sprint sensation Usain Bolt's alma mater.

But the school, which celebrated its 56th anniversary in 2017, has a rich history dotted with thousands of past students and teachers that made the institution a fun environment to learn.

Indeed, William Knibb alumni who spoke with Loop NewsSchool Daze used "great" to describe the school and said that their days at the institution were arguably the most fun time of their lives.

This list won't apply to every former William Knibb student throughout the school's history. But, if you graduated in the last 15 years (or more), you're likely to identify with at least a few things on the list!

Here are some things you'd only know if you attended William Knibb Memorial High School:

1. Having graduation in November when everyone else has their graduation in June.

2. Having a section of the school called “Rat Hole”. It is believed that the legend used to sit there from time to time.

3. We had a man called “Granny” selling us delicious cheese Danish and ackee loaf through the fence. Of course, anyone caught buying from him would get into trouble.

4. The sound of Mr D’s “Hey you boy over there…!!!”

5. Our resident photographer’s name was Mr. Bell.

6. Hornsman, the road trip driver.

7. 10 TV1 & 11 TV1 were known as “bag a man class”.

8. When there was a phone spot check, phones would be given to the 'sweetie ladies' (the ladies that sold sweeties) - until after the search - to avoid confiscation.

9. Mr Tracey, the strict and serious music teacher.

10. School got interrupted by an “overnight bleach”.

11. Mrs Lee was the best Principal. Almost every Friday was Jeans day.

12. A student slapped a teacher with a machete.

13. Remember the teacher that spoke about her daughter in “every class”.