Wednesday 20 June, 2018

10 questions people with natural hair are asking in 2017

But before the resolutions can be finalised, some important questions must be asked.

It is now that naturalistas have to think and ponder some things that others do not have to care about.

Here are 10 things that Nnaturalistas are sitting asking themselves.

1. Wash Day

Can I commit to a weekly or bi-weekly wash day?

Ughhh… to pledge not to hate wash day as much this year and to quit putting it off, sounds so good.

But, let me explain the wash day hate. Beyond the tangles, soap in our eyes, hours of conditioning and detangling, the reason why naturals try to stretch their periods between washes, is because where others may hurry to wash their hair prior to big events and occasions, many naturalistas would tell you, dirty hair styles better.

2. To BC or not, that is the question!

Many are considering a big chop (BC), whether transitioning from relaxed hair, texturizer or heat damage, or even just for a change.

Should I BC or not?


Keep these split ends?

Can’t go through 2017 holding on to scraggly ends. It’s not becoming. Plus, maybe now I could get that heart shape I have been dreaming of and lose the dye that was growing out unevenly too.


Should I do a tapered cut, get bangs, shave a side or do an undercut?

So many questions, such permanency…maybe a faux hawk is in my future instead. Where are the scissors?


Should I get a shock of colour and do 2017 bright and popping?

Permanent or temporary colour, highlights, low lights or everything? But can I handle the lack of moisture that comes with coloured hair if bleach is used…#Conundrum

Gift return

For the price of this perfume I could get so many hair products but how do I nicely ask for the receipt to “exchange” this?

Hmmm…maybe ‘Hey, I have one of these already!” might work. There are two days of Christmas left, return policies should not have expired as yet.

Protective style

Do I want to give my strands a break or flaunt them all year?

Many people are doing 3-month and 6-month protective style challenges, so see what works for you.

Oil mix

Is it time to add or subtract oils from my mix?

Do I still need grapeseed oil for heat protection as I’m not doing blowing outs or should I add Jamaican Black Castor Oil for the thinning spots and my edges? Only use what you need.


People seem to be going back to the old school and doing what worked for their hair as a kid – grease, plaits and a leave your hair alone.

Should I go back to Dax?

Product Junkie

Will 2017 be the year I spend less on products?

I pray God, yes! Plus, with new length, my hair is not responding the same, so maybe this New Year is as good a time to switch up and hopefully find something better and cheaper. #sorrynotsorry

Could you hear yourself asking these questions as you read through?


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